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  • 2 months:  Color vision is starting to improve. Baby will distinguish subtle tones along with the primary colors. Encourage this development by showing lots of colorful pictures and toys.
  • 4 to 5-months:  Depth perception is starting to improve. Reaching out and grasping toys correctly on the first try is happening. 
  • 8 months: Baby's vision is getting strong. They are able to recognize familiar faces from across the room. Color vision and depth perception is almost adult like. Also, the baby's eye color will not change much from here. 

Every baby should have their eyes checked by an eye doctor by the age 1-year to ensure that ocular health, vision, and muscles are developing normally and the teamwork between the two eyes is equal and balanced.

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  • Birth to 4-weeks:  Vision only extends to about 9 or 10 inches which is why they are so fascinated by Mom's face. Otherwise, they see light shining and some slow large movements in the background, but not much else just yet. In terms of detail clarity, vision is equal to about 20/400 (Baby's clarity at 20-feet is about as good as an adult looking 400-feet away).





How a 2-month old sees Mommy

Newborns can see stripes that are about 1/4 inch wide. By 6-months there is a 5x improvement as stripes can be 1/16 inch wide, and by the age of 3-years they will be close to their adult measurement of 1/80 inch across (a 20x improvement from when first born).

While baby and infant vision development is unique for each newborn, there are a few signs new parents should be aware of:
One eye that consistently deviates off-target. Newborn eyes will usually wander and cross every now and then. By 3-months, the muscles of eye movement should be able to consistently track with little difficulty.
Noticing a white spot in the pupil when you look at a baby or photos.
No adverse reaction when you briefly shine a bright light into one eye.

Below, follow the progression of vision from birth through the first 6-months:

What do babies see?...

Ever wonder how good a baby's vision is? Even though we don't test an infant's vision by using eye charts and asking them what they can see, there are some reliable ways to understand how a baby's vision is developing.

Unlike hearing, which is almost fully mature by age 1-month, vision takes a few years to become "adult like" in terms of clarity, color perception, and ability to see 3-D. While the eyes themselves are physically capable, the brain is still developing and isn't ready to handle all the visual information just yet.

  • Pennsylvania College of Optometry 1995
  • Michigan State University                 1991
  • Michigan Board of Optometry         2006-2014

After internships at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit, William Feinbloom Low Vision Clinic, and The Eye Institute in Philadelphia,  Dr. Thompson moved back to Mid-Michigan where he has been practicing family care optometry since 1995. 

At Thompson Eyecare, you will experience high quality care and personal service in our relaxed office. Your exam will utilize modern instruments that are fast, accurate, and comfortable. You will enjoy casual personal attention in our contact lens and optical showroom. We will consult with you about your unique vision needs and make recommendations that will work best for you.


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