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No More Choosing Between Lens 1 or 2?

Introducing the new 

Nidek OPD-scan III and TRS-5100 Digital Refraction at Thompson Eyecare! 

Customized solutions for your vision problems that go far beyond just seeing 20/20

Thompson Eyecare utilizes the latest technology in vision testing. Our digital refracting system is the same one found in leading cataract centers and the one used to calculate custom LASIK procedures. 

The Nidek OPD-scan III wavefront aberrometer and TRS-5100 digital tester brings a level of ease and precision for the patient never available before.

Because seeing 20/20 isn't good enough

In traditional testing, measurements of near-sight, far-sight, or astigmatism were based on averages of the entire eye. In just a few seconds with wavefront aberrometry, detailed information is obtained about how glare, cornea distortions and small prescription changes in different parts of your eye are affecting your "real world" vision. This information is used to ensure your vision is not just 20/20 on the eye chart but as clear as physiologically possible. Not only that, but the improvement in your vision between new and old prescriptions is shown to you with the push of a button!

This level of detail allows us to create digitally customized eyeglass and contact lenses, provide you with accurate expectations for LASIK or cataract surgery outcomes, treat slight abnormalities in the cornea causing symptoms of glare and halos, or show you how your vision can be improved under changing conditions.